Indigenous Ownership


The percentage of shares held by Indigenous investors across Canada reflects our founding values and commitment to Indigenous ownership.

Emily, daughter of Justin Fox who works at our Head Office, dancing in the Saskatoon Exhibition Parade, August 2019

Loan Losses

Less than 1%

Because we take the time to structure our loans to fit the unique needs of our customers, our loan write-offs, as a percentage of our loan volumes, are among the lowest in Canadian banking.


Total Employees 2010-2019

The new positions we have created have allowed us to recruit new talent into FNBC and offer current employees opportunities for advancement.

Workforce Composition

Our Walpole Island Branch employees participating in Orange Shirt Day, September 2019. Photo: Jordan Hill, Peggy Kicknosway, Pahdahsung Shognosh, Natalie Kewayosh, Lindsay Soney)

Kailleigh Bear, from our Meadow Lake Branch, participating in Orange Shirt Day, September 2019

Indigenous Employees


A majority of our employees are able to serve our customers in the comfort of their home languages and communities.

Community donations and sponsorships 2010-2019

We contributed $122,884 in community donations and sponsorships in 2019, the most we have ever given in a single year.

Our Chisasibi branch is a proud supporter of the Nikuchishtaan program which provides healthy snacks to students at Waapinichikush Elementary School.

Employee retention average across the bank

5 years

Because we have an experienced and stable workforce, we are able to build lasting relationships with our customers.

One of our newest employees, Brad Gamble, rolling out Customer Appreciation Day at our Saskatoon Branch, October 2019

Employee participation in training and development


Total number of full-time equivalent positions created since 2015