Our Trust

For 25 years, First Nations Bank of Canada has proudly served our customers. We’ve partnered with growing Indigenous businesses and communities looking to the future.

Now we are bringing that same community focus, care and attention to Indigenous Trust Services through our subsidiary, FNB Trust. From trust set up to administration – we are committed to supporting Indigenous prosperity, leadership and well-being.

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Trust Development Services
  • assist in the development and structuring of your trust by ensuring that our clients understand the trust structuring models and possibilities;
  • facilitate Council and/or Trustees to make important decisions about what your trust will look like;
  • provide information on trust best practices;
  • provide educational sessions and learning tools to Chief and Council, community trustees and beneficiaries;
  • work with the trust lawyer to make sure that the final trust agreement is right for you.
Community Engagement Services
  • provide trust training and education to community trustees, Chief and Council and Membership;
  • assist in community engagement meetings to seek input in the trust development and/or explain your trust prior to trust ratification;
  • provide financial expert services to explain the trust implications.
Trustee Services
  • maintain the trust books of account and provide maintenance and operation of bank accounts;
  • deal with the trust’s correspondence and day to day work;
  • write all cheques on the trust account and ensure trust agreement conditions are met prior to any disbursement from the trust account;
  • prepare year-end trust financial statements and facilitate audit so it is completed in a timely manner;
  • assist in the selection of an auditor or audit firm and tax advisor;
  • prepare and distribute to relevant parties a quarterly trust fund status report that details trust activity; ensure all trust regulatory and tax filings are completed on time;
  • prepare annual trust operating budget for approval by the community trustees or Chief and Council;
  • meet with Chief and Council and/or community trustees to provide an update on the trust’s performance;
  • assist, as necessary, with the preparation for meetings and preparation of agenda packages;
  • prepare and maintain the minutes of meetings of trustees;
  • assist in the selection of investment consultant and managers and in the performance evaluation of the trust’s investment portfolio;
  • develop in collaboration with community trustees and/or Chief and Council, the trust operational policies.
We also offer Indigenous trust best practice tools including:
  • Trust frameworks;
  • Trustee eligibility criteria;
  • Trustee roles and responsibilities;
  • Trustee remuneration;
  • Trust policies and procedures around spending, delegation of authorities, codes of conduct and conflicts of interest;
  • Trust quarterly and annual reports;
  • Community engagement and communication strategies.

Why Choose FNB Trust?

FNB Trust focuses exclusively on Indigenous customers serviced by Indigenous employees.

We are 100% independent from asset managers so provide the highest level of independent, ethical and transparent trust services.

We offer best in class capacity development and training by Indigenous professionals so capacity is built in your community.

As a federally regulated trust company, we offer additional protection to community trustees to ensure the trust agreement terms and conditions are met.

We offer fair, competitive and transparent fees.

Our focus on Indigenous Services starts with our Shareholders! FNBC is over 80% Indigenous owned and is widely owned by shareholders who value our services that enable nation building.

Visit the Trust services section of our website for more information https://fnbc.ca/FNBTrust