Our Impact

How We Deliver

Community connections
We nurture relationships with customers, communities, governments and others around us to make a real and lasting difference.

Focus on opportunities
We focus on the potential of every customer, project and market and seek opportunities to make a positive impact.

Custom solutions
We draw on our creativity and insight to deliver solutions that revolve around the unique needs and goals of every customer.

Grow people
We enable our employees to develop their personal and professional skills and become role models in their families and communities.

Nunavut: Regional snapshot

In territories like Nunavut, and regions across Canada, our impact is real. It starts with a partnership that sparks economic activity across the region, making a positive difference in the lives of people, businesses and communities.

Key Partner
Atuqtuarvik Corporation is an Inuit-owned investment company behind numerous business start-ups, acquisitions and expansions across the territory

Community Banking Centres
Our Community Banking Centres are now providing products and services directly to people living in Baker Lake, Pond Inlet, Kugluktuk, Pangnirtung and Arviat

We have hired new employees for each of our new Community Banking Centres

Community Sponsorships
We are happy to support community initiatives and organizations that improve the lives of our neighbours, including Pang Fest Music Festival, Iqaluit Rotary Fair, Food Hampers Drives, and the Daycare Society of Arviat

Households and Families
953 households and families are now FNBC customers with financial tools and services to support the local economy

Local Businesses
Local businesses across the territory draw on our services and advice to scale, grow and invest in new buildings, vehicles and equipment. For example, the expansion for Pangnirtung Inuit Co-op Store in 2018

Capital Development
Multi-million dollar construction Aqsarniit Hotel & Conference Centre (Atuqtuarvik Corporation) opening in 2020

Small Business Support
We are proud to support growing businesses like ILLU Inc., an award-winning arctic tourism and B&B operation that has also been recognized for its development of affordable housing in Cambridge Bay