Senior Management Tenure (Average)

13 years

Strong and stable leadership continues to be a key success driver for FNBC.

Our head office and Saskatoon branch staff were proud to participate in Saskatoon’s Exhibition Parade, August 2019

Director attendance for scheduled board and committee meetings


We are grateful for the insight and guidance of our Board of Directors who draw on their expertise in banking, business and Indigenous economic development.

In October 2018, we celebrated our newly formed partnership with Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.

Our CEO, Keith Martell, speaking at the AFOA Canada 20th Anniversary National Conference in Saskatoon, October 2019. Photo Credit: Fred Cattroll

Opening keynote speech at AFOA Canada 20th Anniversary National Conference delivered by our Board Chair Bill Namagoose, October 2019. Photo Credit: Fred Cattroll

Board Cultural

Our Board reflects our unique focus on Indigenous banking and economic development.

Board Gender

Board Tenure

Women managing departments and key functions


We believe strongly in the value, benefit and principles of diversity and inclusion across our organization.

Our FNBC Retail Manager’s Conference in June 2019 included Sherry-Ann Rupert, Alison McLellan, Leigh Solomon, Desiree Duncan, Candace Seitz, Sacha Favel, Sherry Painchaud, Sheila Conroy and Kathleen Gomes