Letter from the CEO

When First Nations Bank of Canada opened for business in 1996, many asked, “Why do you need a First Nations Bank?” For us, this was more than a simple question; it was a challenge.  

We responded by building a financial institution that employs Indigenous People, remains committed to providing financial services in Indigenous communities, and that puts the success and development of Indigenous economies first. 

Our focus puts Indigenous People, Businesses and Governments first

Today, we are 83% Indigenous-owned, and Indigenous banking represents over 90% of our business. We have the largest market share of Indigenous financial services in the regions we serve. 

As we enter our 25th year, we celebrate those achievements and our growth to nearly $1 Billion in total assets and branch locations in five provinces and all three territories. We are most proud of our workforce, which is over 73% Indigenous, and our 18 branch locations that specialize in helping First Nations, Métis and Inuit customers achieve their financial goals.

Our focus puts Indigenous People, businesses and governments first. 

In 2020, we added trust services. FNB Trust, our wholly-owned trust company, provides trust management and advisory services for Indigenous trusts that are looking for the same level of community focus, care and attention that we bring to Indigenous banking.  

Providing solutions for Indigenous People is our guiding purpose, built on a foundation of collaboration, mutual respect and trust. 

Thank you for placing your confidence in us. From all of us at First Nations Bank of Canada, we promise to remain focused on putting your banking needs first. 

Keith Martell

President & Chief Executive Officer